What is search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is both a skill and the art of having the ability to move sites, images, and videos up in the search engines at will. This is a very difficult task because there are many elements that go into moving something higher in the serps and one misstep can be detrimental to the overall success of the search engine optimization campaign. There are many things that must be taken into consideration when beginning a search engine optimization campaign and one of those very important elements is the URL of the page you are attempting to rank. For example if you have a URL string that has a keyword in it that you are attempting to rank for then it will help that site move up in the serps much more quickly largely due to the fact that every time that site gets a link from an external source is getting the keyword you are attempting to rank for in that link.

For example if you are trying to rank for plumber keywords and you have a URL that has the word plumber within and then it will move up the search engines much faster for any plumber related keyword because you have that keyword in your URL which is one of the highest ranking factors in regards to SEO. The next thing you will want to make sure of and this is one thing that can be very easily messed up due to a foul keystroke is that you properly type in the URL you are attempting to rank for example this is not a proper URL structure: Michigan SEO Pro West Bloomfield. If you build out a link to a site and you don’t properly type in the correct URL string than the link that you are attempting to send to that page or site will not be sent properly thus it will count for nothing. This is a mistake that can very easily be made so you need to double and triple check all of the links as well as the typing/spelling in all of your links.

One of the next things you want to take into consideration is both the age and the power of the site you are working on. If you are working on a social profile that already comes with a very high domain authority but the page authority will be very low. You’ll want to then juice up that page so that the page authority goes up and it can bounce off of the domain authority that it already has. For example Facebook has a domain authority of 100. With this domain authority your site will be able to rank in the serps much faster than a brand-new blog site which will have a domain authority of zero and the page authority of zero. Generally you will rank your social media profiles and citations so that you can blanket the first page of a given serpent keyword string for all of your sites which is called page domination which is something these two pages are doing for their given keywords michiganseopro.com/grand-rapids/ and http://michiganseopro.com/waterford/. This is an extremely advanced tactic that should not be tried by novice search engine optimization experts but once you have the ability to do this you can completely control your market because the users will have to go to the following pages in order to find any competition for that given keyword.

Also the age of the site has a large role to play in regards to ranking. The search engines are very smart and they do not allow brand-new sites to rank highly in their serps right off the bat anymore. This is largely due to the fact that many people just a few years ago were ranking spam he site that simply sold products to make an affiliate commission on them and they were completely taking over the serps for every given keyword that could be monetized. This is why the search engines have put in place a sandbox. Of time where they will not allow your site to rank very highly in the serps for any given keywords because they need to build up the trust to your site and without that trust they will not place your site very high.

Laptop being worked onYou need to take these things into consideration before beginning any search engine optimization campaign whether on your own personal site or on a client site. In my personal opinion I would recommend building out a few trial sites to practice your search engine optimization on so that if you do not have the proper tactics or the proper skill/knowledge to properly rank a site in the search engines and have it stick at the top then I would not recommend working on a client site because websites are one of the biggest pieces to a company nowadays. If you destroy a company’s website that they have had for an extended amount of time and they have traffic going to then that can be the exact same as destroying the actual physical building in which they work.

By destroying a website you are virtually destroying the life blood of organic traffic to their site as well as destroying all of the work that has been previously done to that site in order to help to rank within the serps and generate the organic traffic that it already is. Of course this is something that needs to be taken into consideration on a personal basis and it comes down to both your ethics and your morals in regards to who you will work with and how you implement your search engine optimization campaign.