The importance behind tracking your websites ranking’s

Important Parts of Search Engine OptimizationIt is extremely imperative that you continually keep up and track the rankings of your websites. The reasoning behind this is largely due to the fact that the search engines are continually upgrading their algorithms which can often times have dramatic movement within the search engines. If you are not aware of your current ranking or the rankings of your other websites that are not as important to you if a major algorithm change comes into play in all of your sites either move up or down then you will have an idea as to what has happened and maybe have a better idea as to what kind of an algorithm change they made to their search engines. This is one of the biggest things that you need to keep track of because in the end of the day if you are a search engine optimization experts your entire goal is to rank websites within the serps and the only way to know if you are positively affecting a website is to track the rankings that it has from the start of the campaign to the end of the campaign.

This also allows you to show the client that you have been working diligently on their rankings because they will either see an increase or decrease in rankings which can either allow them to continually pay you for being there client or can drop you because you are not delivering service that you told them you would be rendering which is something that has never happened at this agency, One example of an important time when individuals were keeping track of rankings was one panda rolled out in 2012. Panda is one of Google’s algorithms that gigs the content and the quality of a website. In 2012 panda rolled out and it took down a lot of blog network sites because they were poorly bill and were very spamming in nature.

Another important time to go with this is in late 2014 when a paying one algorithm rolled out which gig sites due to their linking. If you had a site that was very spamming in nature and receiving hundreds if not thousands of links to it than it is something that the Google algorithms would gig because it is extremely unnatural for a site to get thousands of links like that repetitively over a large span of time. Of course they must take this into consideration because business is often times will have celebrities mention them or they will have a TV ad thus allowing them to have an influx of time in which many links can come to their site. Often times the search engines will allow this to happen for an extended period of time because it is referred to as a news release which is something they are very aware of and it can impact the link philosophy to a website dramatically. Take a look at how this website got links to help them rank TopTierMarketing SEO’s Website.

There have been many case studies were individuals who have thousands of followers will release a small blurb on twitter or Facebook announcing that individual should go to this website to see what is on it. One such instance was done during a search engine optimization meeting where thousands of individuals instantaneously went to a specific URL and then after reading through the content terminated the search. Within 24 hours that page went from nowhere to be found to ranking number one for the given keywords found on the page that the topic was covering. One thing you also must take into consideration when reviewing this testing is the fact that after that 24 hour period and that page 1 number one ranking it slowly began to drop afterwards because the users were no longer going to that page and reading that content, this event did not happen to these pages because of the way they were build and how they affectively received their links, and

I have seen the successfully done multiple times and I have also seen it done and nothing positive come from it. Often times with the serps many things are completely up to them and if they dub your site or your information worthy of ranking highly in their serps they will rank it. Other times that they feel that they do not like your website for any reason you will not get past page 2 in the serps. This is often the reason why one starting a new campaign I will start multiple sites because even if you have multiple sites and have the exact same linking and power going to eat some sites will be higher in the search engines and others which is something that happened with on of my close friends websites: – Click the Link. This is one of the key reasons why you will want to keep track of your rankings.

By keeping track of your rankings in a you are insuring that nothing is left open to interpretation because you have definitive evidence of the placement of your website both currently and in the past and he can help you to project the movement up in the serps within the future but you also must take into consideration the fact that anything can happen with search algorithms at any time and a website can literally drop from rankings for any reason especially if the search engines dub your website spammy in any form or have a manual review go to it and you have done some shady stuff to it which in their eyes is an unforgivable sin.