Getting search engine optimization clients

Ranking a websiteThere are many ways people go about getting clients for search engine optimization campaigns but some ways are much better than others. For example there are many companies that will simply cold call email companies which is something that companies get on a regular basis. If you are cold calling often times you have to get past the gatekeeper. The gatekeeper is the individual who receives all the phone calls delegates them further if need be. Often times if you cannot get past the gatekeeper then you will have no opportunity to speak with the actual decision-maker who will make the final decision on whether or not they need search engine optimization work done for their website. Cold calling to be one of the hardest things to do but when you get an actual decision-maker on the phone often times you can coax them into signing up for search engine optimization because of the great ROI they will receive from the work done to their site.

Sending emails is hands down one of the worst ways to go about getting search engine optimization clients. The reasoning behind this is largely due to the fact that many companies out of India will simply blessed emails to everyone on the web in the hopes of receiving clients. Because of this when individuals receive emails in regards to search engine optimization they generally will not open them because they have been getting blasted by emails from individuals from other countries and every time they hear the word search engine optimization they get a bad taste in her mouth.

Another way you can go about getting search engine optimization clients is through actual door knocking. This is when you will actually go door to door and asked the individual businesses if they need search engine optimization work. Often times you will get a lot of rejection from business owners because they do not want to nor do they have the time to spend with an individual who is trying to sell them on something. This is where a small gift can come into play. If you tell them that you will give them a free site audit just for having their time which can save them a few hundred dollars they are more likely to listen to you and often times they will be more willing to go further into the sales process with you because you are giving them something instead of asking them to give you something. People love getting gifts especially if those gifts are free or discounted simply by sharing a little bit of their time which is something this company utilizes, MichiganSEOpro.

Of course he site audits do take some time to do but if you can finish a handful of site audits and even get one client out of all the free site audits you give out then the time will be well spent because you can get into the thousands of dollars per client in regards to search engine optimization. One thing you also must take in the consideration about search engine optimization is the fact that it can take several months if not years to rank an individual for a given keyword. This means that if you have one client was willing to pay you $2000 a month and their campaign takes six months than they will be paying you $12,000. If their campaign takes 18 months than they will be paying you $36,000 per search engine optimization work so it is more than worth it to meticulously build a bunch of free site audits in the hopes of receiving that one client who will pay for them all if not more.

One of the best ways to go about getting clients for search engine optimization campaigns to your local Chamber of Commerce or BNI meetings. The reason why these are the best is because all of the individuals that go to these meetings our local business owners or someone who is curious about business. If you are talking to the actual business owner you are talking to the decision-maker. If you are talking to the decision-maker one-on-one then you can offer them your services and they are more likely to listen to you because they go to these meetings in hopes of meeting individuals who can help their business strive above all the others. If you have a good speech and know your information properly in regards search engine optimization that it is very easy to sell and often times it sells itself.

Largely due to the fact the ROI on search engine optimization is astronomical. If an individual invest $30,000 in the search engine optimization they can more than tenfold that investment over the course of the lifetime of the search engine optimization campaign which is something that happened to this websites inner page, Many times you’ll want to stay away from individuals who have a lower end product such as someone who was selling hamburgers or books. You’ll want to stay in the higher niche classes like doctors or roofers because every time they sell a product they are selling something that is thousands of dollars in comparison to something that maybe five or $10. There ROI will be astronomically larger than individuals who sell smaller and products unless you are selling to someone who sell things like small jewelry but in bulk. You must take all this into consideration when building out a site audit and deciding whether or not you should work with this individual client or not.