What is search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is both a skill and the art of having the ability to move sites, images, and videos up in the search engines at will. This is a very difficult task because there are many elements that go into moving something higher in the serps and one misstep can be detrimental to the overall success of the search engine optimization campaign. There are many things that must be taken into consideration when beginning a search engine optimization campaign and one of those very important elements is the URL of the page you are attempting to rank. For example if you have a URL string that has a keyword in it that you are attempting to rank for then it will help that site move up in the serps much more quickly largely due to the fact that every time that site gets a link from an external source is getting the keyword you are attempting to rank for in that link.

For example if you are trying to rank for plumber keywords and you have a URL that has the word plumber within and then it will move up the search engines much faster for any plumber related keyword because you have that keyword in your URL which is one of the highest ranking factors in regards to SEO. The next thing you will want to make sure of and this is one thing that can be very easily messed up due to a foul keystroke is that you properly type in the URL you are attempting to rank for example this is not a proper URL structure: Michigan SEO Pro West Bloomfield. If you build out a link to a site and you don’t properly type in the correct URL string than the link that you are attempting to send to that page or site will not be sent properly thus it will count for nothing. This is a mistake that can very easily be made so you need to double and triple check all of the links as well as the typing/spelling in all of your links.

One of the next things you want to take into consideration is both the age and the power of the site you are working on. If you are working on a social profile that already comes with a very high domain authority but the page authority will be very low. You’ll want to then juice up that page so that the page authority goes up and it can bounce off of the domain authority that it already has. For example Facebook has a domain authority of 100. With this domain authority your site will be able to rank in the serps much faster than a brand-new blog site which will have a domain authority of zero and the page authority of zero. Generally you will rank your social media profiles and citations so that you can blanket the first page of a given serpent keyword string for all of your sites which is called page domination which is something these two pages are doing for their given keywords michiganseopro.com/grand-rapids/ and http://michiganseopro.com/waterford/. This is an extremely advanced tactic that should not be tried by novice search engine optimization experts but once you have the ability to do this you can completely control your market because the users will have to go to the following pages in order to find any competition for that given keyword.

Also the age of the site has a large role to play in regards to ranking. The search engines are very smart and they do not allow brand-new sites to rank highly in their serps right off the bat anymore. This is largely due to the fact that many people just a few years ago were ranking spam he site that simply sold products to make an affiliate commission on them and they were completely taking over the serps for every given keyword that could be monetized. This is why the search engines have put in place a sandbox. Of time where they will not allow your site to rank very highly in the serps for any given keywords because they need to build up the trust to your site and without that trust they will not place your site very high.

Laptop being worked onYou need to take these things into consideration before beginning any search engine optimization campaign whether on your own personal site or on a client site. In my personal opinion I would recommend building out a few trial sites to practice your search engine optimization on so that if you do not have the proper tactics or the proper skill/knowledge to properly rank a site in the search engines and have it stick at the top then I would not recommend working on a client site because websites are one of the biggest pieces to a company nowadays. If you destroy a company’s website that they have had for an extended amount of time and they have traffic going to then that can be the exact same as destroying the actual physical building in which they work.

By destroying a website you are virtually destroying the life blood of organic traffic to their site as well as destroying all of the work that has been previously done to that site in order to help to rank within the serps and generate the organic traffic that it already is. Of course this is something that needs to be taken into consideration on a personal basis and it comes down to both your ethics and your morals in regards to who you will work with and how you implement your search engine optimization campaign.


Getting search engine optimization clients

Ranking a websiteThere are many ways people go about getting clients for search engine optimization campaigns but some ways are much better than others. For example there are many companies that will simply cold call email companies which is something that companies get on a regular basis. If you are cold calling often times you have to get past the gatekeeper. The gatekeeper is the individual who receives all the phone calls delegates them further if need be. Often times if you cannot get past the gatekeeper then you will have no opportunity to speak with the actual decision-maker who will make the final decision on whether or not they need search engine optimization work done for their website. Cold calling to be one of the hardest things to do but when you get an actual decision-maker on the phone often times you can coax them into signing up for search engine optimization because of the great ROI they will receive from the work done to their site.

Sending emails is hands down one of the worst ways to go about getting search engine optimization clients. The reasoning behind this is largely due to the fact that many companies out of India will simply blessed emails to everyone on the web in the hopes of receiving clients. Because of this when individuals receive emails in regards to search engine optimization they generally will not open them because they have been getting blasted by emails from individuals from other countries and every time they hear the word search engine optimization they get a bad taste in her mouth.

Another way you can go about getting search engine optimization clients is through actual door knocking. This is when you will actually go door to door and asked the individual businesses if they need search engine optimization work. Often times you will get a lot of rejection from business owners because they do not want to nor do they have the time to spend with an individual who is trying to sell them on something. This is where a small gift can come into play. If you tell them that you will give them a free site audit just for having their time which can save them a few hundred dollars they are more likely to listen to you and often times they will be more willing to go further into the sales process with you because you are giving them something instead of asking them to give you something. People love getting gifts especially if those gifts are free or discounted simply by sharing a little bit of their time which is something this company utilizes, MichiganSEOpro.

Of course he site audits do take some time to do but if you can finish a handful of site audits and even get one client out of all the free site audits you give out then the time will be well spent because you can get into the thousands of dollars per client in regards to search engine optimization. One thing you also must take in the consideration about search engine optimization is the fact that it can take several months if not years to rank an individual for a given keyword. This means that if you have one client was willing to pay you $2000 a month and their campaign takes six months than they will be paying you $12,000. If their campaign takes 18 months than they will be paying you $36,000 per search engine optimization work so it is more than worth it to meticulously build a bunch of free site audits in the hopes of receiving that one client who will pay for them all if not more.

One of the best ways to go about getting clients for search engine optimization campaigns to your local Chamber of Commerce or BNI meetings. The reason why these are the best is because all of the individuals that go to these meetings our local business owners or someone who is curious about business. If you are talking to the actual business owner you are talking to the decision-maker. If you are talking to the decision-maker one-on-one then you can offer them your services and they are more likely to listen to you because they go to these meetings in hopes of meeting individuals who can help their business strive above all the others. If you have a good speech and know your information properly in regards search engine optimization that it is very easy to sell and often times it sells itself.

Largely due to the fact the ROI on search engine optimization is astronomical. If an individual invest $30,000 in the search engine optimization they can more than tenfold that investment over the course of the lifetime of the search engine optimization campaign which is something that happened to this websites inner page, http://michiganseopro.com/detroit/. Many times you’ll want to stay away from individuals who have a lower end product such as someone who was selling hamburgers or books. You’ll want to stay in the higher niche classes like doctors or roofers because every time they sell a product they are selling something that is thousands of dollars in comparison to something that maybe five or $10. There ROI will be astronomically larger than individuals who sell smaller and products unless you are selling to someone who sell things like small jewelry but in bulk. You must take all this into consideration when building out a site audit and deciding whether or not you should work with this individual client or not.


The importance behind tracking your websites ranking’s

Important Parts of Search Engine OptimizationIt is extremely imperative that you continually keep up and track the rankings of your websites. The reasoning behind this is largely due to the fact that the search engines are continually upgrading their algorithms which can often times have dramatic movement within the search engines. If you are not aware of your current ranking or the rankings of your other websites that are not as important to you if a major algorithm change comes into play in all of your sites either move up or down then you will have an idea as to what has happened and maybe have a better idea as to what kind of an algorithm change they made to their search engines. This is one of the biggest things that you need to keep track of because in the end of the day if you are a search engine optimization experts your entire goal is to rank websites within the serps and the only way to know if you are positively affecting a website is to track the rankings that it has from the start of the campaign to the end of the campaign.

This also allows you to show the client that you have been working diligently on their rankings because they will either see an increase or decrease in rankings which can either allow them to continually pay you for being there client or can drop you because you are not delivering service that you told them you would be rendering which is something that has never happened at this agency, http://toptiermarketingseo.com/ann-arbor/. One example of an important time when individuals were keeping track of rankings was one panda rolled out in 2012. Panda is one of Google’s algorithms that gigs the content and the quality of a website. In 2012 panda rolled out and it took down a lot of blog network sites because they were poorly bill and were very spamming in nature.

Another important time to go with this is in late 2014 when a paying one algorithm rolled out which gig sites due to their linking. If you had a site that was very spamming in nature and receiving hundreds if not thousands of links to it than it is something that the Google algorithms would gig because it is extremely unnatural for a site to get thousands of links like that repetitively over a large span of time. Of course they must take this into consideration because business is often times will have celebrities mention them or they will have a TV ad thus allowing them to have an influx of time in which many links can come to their site. Often times the search engines will allow this to happen for an extended period of time because it is referred to as a news release which is something they are very aware of and it can impact the link philosophy to a website dramatically. Take a look at how this website got links to help them rank TopTierMarketing SEO’s Website.

There have been many case studies were individuals who have thousands of followers will release a small blurb on twitter or Facebook announcing that individual should go to this website to see what is on it. One such instance was done during a search engine optimization meeting where thousands of individuals instantaneously went to a specific URL and then after reading through the content terminated the search. Within 24 hours that page went from nowhere to be found to ranking number one for the given keywords found on the page that the topic was covering. One thing you also must take into consideration when reviewing this testing is the fact that after that 24 hour period and that page 1 number one ranking it slowly began to drop afterwards because the users were no longer going to that page and reading that content, this event did not happen to these pages because of the way they were build and how they affectively received their links, http://toptiermarketingseo.com/detroit/ and http://toptiermarketingseo.com/grand-rapids/.

I have seen the successfully done multiple times and I have also seen it done and nothing positive come from it. Often times with the serps many things are completely up to them and if they dub your site or your information worthy of ranking highly in their serps they will rank it. Other times that they feel that they do not like your website for any reason you will not get past page 2 in the serps. This is often the reason why one starting a new campaign I will start multiple sites because even if you have multiple sites and have the exact same linking and power going to eat some sites will be higher in the search engines and others which is something that happened with on of my close friends websites: toptiermarketingseo.com/waterford – Click the Link. This is one of the key reasons why you will want to keep track of your rankings.

By keeping track of your rankings in a you are insuring that nothing is left open to interpretation because you have definitive evidence of the placement of your website both currently and in the past and he can help you to project the movement up in the serps within the future but you also must take into consideration the fact that anything can happen with search algorithms at any time and a website can literally drop from rankings for any reason especially if the search engines dub your website spammy in any form or have a manual review go to it and you have done some shady stuff to it which in their eyes is an unforgivable sin.


The difference between do follow and no follow links

There is a very distinct difference between do follow and no follow links. Do follow links tell the search engine bots to follow that link to the end destination. Once it gets to the end destination it will then take note of that and follow any other links on that page to any of the other and destinations that they are pointed to. No follow links tell the search engines robots to stop at that link and not to follow it to its end destination. This is often times one of the largest discussions in regards to search engine optimization because many people believe that do follow links carry the majority of the juice from one site to another while no follow links do not do that meaning that no follow links do not hold as much importance as a do follow links. Of course this is very open to interpretation and of course it also relies on a case-by-case basis as to whether or not the links will pass on any relevance. If you can find a no follow link that has a large amount of relevance of course it is worth getting that link. Because relevance is one of the largest contributing factors in current search engine optimization algorithms that help websites ranked highly within the search engines. Often times many people will pass up these high relevant no follow links but the small amount of time you can take to get these links can be extremely important and extremely influential in the overall rankings of a website within the serps.

Of course when individuals are building on a private blog network they will almost 100% of the time reliant do follow links because it is thought that these links pass on the most amount of juice from the website that is doing the linking to the target website which is often times the clients that you are attempting to rank or a money site you are attempting to monetize. I cannot disagree with this practice because I have never built a no follow link on a website that I am sending a link from to another website in the attempts to power it up. With this being said that does not mean that I will not go out and find no follow links with extreme amounts of relevance and point them to my site because of the amount of relevance and natural linking patterns that they help to incorporate into a website. This is one thing that you need to always keep in mind is the fact that the search engines are looking for individuals who stick out above the norms because they are obviously doing something that goes against the grain. You want to make sure that you have incorporated a fair number of no follow links into your linking portfolio because this helps you stay within the threshold of what is normal for sites on the Internet. If you have 100% do follow links that are all keyword anchor text this is extremely unnatural and often times it will start off a manual review or will give you a red flag which means that you will be on the search engines radar for any small mishaps you may have.

Computer and Other ElectronicsOf course the use of do follow and no follow links are completely up to the person building the links and how you are getting these links. If you are getting these links from someone who was building these link specifically for you and you have paid them then you will want to make sure that they build you do follow links. If you are on the contrary doing blog posts are asking individuals if you can do guest posting on their websites and often times these will be no follow links. This does not mean that they will not carry as much weight as the others because they are also earned links it is just telling the search engines not to follow those links to the end target which would be your website. Once again it is extremely open to interpretation whether or not no follow links pass on any juice or not because I have seen case studies or individuals point nothing but no follow links to their websites and their websites still rank because links are starting to become a thing of the past and you want to pay closer attention to user metrics. If you can send users to your website through the use of links and other tactics as long as those users are happy and the and then the search engines will take note of this and move you higher up in the serps. If you have nothing but no follow links coming from blogs and other shared type links then you will get users coming to your site and if they are happy with the content and closeout the search then it gives a positive connotation to the search engines that your site is worthy of ranking highly in the serps because it has information that is adequate and informational for the topics that are being searched. So once again it is completely up to you what links you build and often times if you are doing link outreach you will not have a choice and whether it is a no follow or do follow link. And as always, remember, keep sending links to a website until you get to the place you want to be.


The Voice is once again talking

We know, we know, we’ve been out of the game for a hot minute but were back up and running on all cylinders. It hasn’t been too long since we’ve made our last post but we know that our fans become impatient if we don’t continually bring you the most up to date content regarding the voice of SEO.

Lucky for all of you we have been working overtime on the content we are about to release to you so it is the most up to date and relevant content in regards to what is currently working. There have been several major changes that have just recently taken place in regards so Search Engine Optimization and if you aren’t aware of the changes I can almost guarantee failure.

So stay tuned because we are going to begin drip feeding our views the content they have waited so long to receive. Put on you big boy pants because this information is going to blow you away!